Noteworthy Trends In Luxury Travel

Noteworthy Trends In Luxury Travel

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Recent surveys conducted on travel professionals and travelers offered their predictions for trends in luxury travel. Presenting almost everything from personalized adventure tour in unexplored regions to forte 

luxury cruises, industry professionals come up with their ideas of the future of luxury travel. Considering the economic setting of the present times, there are several travel professionals commenting on 

the new bargains. Luxury tour operators and hotel owners will be thriving if they are able to explain why it is always a good idea to pay something extra for getting an extraordinary travel experience.

In the present times, travelers are found looking for optimal quality and price balance during their luxury vacations. Professional travel advisors are being expected to offer the best the most affordable travel services at the top travel destinations throughout the world. It has been noticed that there is a growing pressure on the industry for offering customized and exotic travel experiences. There are more and more travelers looking to have above-and-beyond travel adventures at the most exciting and new travel destinations. The popularity of luxury adventure travel is on the rise with consumers enjoying a growing collection of heli-ski trips, boat cruises, tailor-made culinary courses, high speed car tours, luxury safaris and personalized art tours in some of the most enthralling destinations such as Provence Tuscany, New York and Cape Town.

What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you think about luxury cars? It might be the well-known sports cars such as Lamborghini or Ferrari or the latest and the most advanced luxury and muscle cars like the Chevrolet Camaro, Ashton Martin V12 Vantage S or the Ford Mustang. Whatever exclusive car that you might be dreaming of, it is important for you to


The Advantage of Owning a Luxury Car

know that it takes a huge amount of money to get your very own luxury car of choice. grabbing the car of your dreams does not only require walking into a car dealership and negotiating on the loan rate but it also requires discussing the loan terms and modifying certain things here and there. However, the fact that riding a luxury car is quite advantageous cannot be ignored.

Rent A Pagani To Experience The Best In Luxury

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Are you in search for a way to make your next vacation more special for your family? It’s always a great feeling to bond with the most special people in your life. And since you do not get to spend every day with them in an exotic destination, you will want to make the best out of every opportunity. This is why you may want to rent a Pagani for your next trip. This luxury car will instantly increase the overall excitement of your next adventure.

While being relatively new compared to other luxury car manufacturers, Pagani doesn’t lag behind in terms of performance, design, and innovation. In fact, they take pride in offering top-notch features for all of their car models.

Horacio Pagani is the brain behind the company. At an early age, he found his passion in supercars. In 1983, he moved to Italy in an attempt to fulfill his lifelong dream of building his very own sports car.

The successful collaboration with Lamborghini enabled him to produce the Countach Evoluzione. That marked the beginning of Horacio’s success. He then went on to design the Zonda C12, which continues to be one of the best sports cars today.

If you haven’t looked into this luxury car brand in the past, now is a good time to know more about it. The vision of the company is to redefine style, comfort, and luxury will stop these are the three core elements that Pagani believes must be present in all exotic vehicles.

They utilize the latest in car technology to produce sports cars that provide unparalleled driving experience to all users, so why not rent one in South Africa?

One of the most iconic models is the Zonda. This luxury car is powered by a V12 DOHC engine. This alone should impress the car enthusiast in you.

But it also boasts of other jaw-dropping features such as modifiable suspensions as well as adaptable transmission configurations. Without a doubt, you will have a fascinating time driving around the city with the Zonda.

Another exciting car you should look into is the Pagani C9. It boasts a sleek design that will make you stand out on the road. More importantly, it provides the best in terms of performance. The sports car is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine. For sure, you will be the speediest on the road even if other sports cars are trying to chase you.

To offer something unique to your family for your Paris vacation, it is recommended to rent a Pagani and provide them with a new kind of travel experience. Instead of getting just any ordinary vehicle, make them feel truly special by getting a luxury car. Just be sure that you select the right luxury car rental company.

While it is easy to find different service providers, not all of them are worthy of your time and money. Read online reviews or try to get recommendations from people you know. Through this, you can come up with an informed decision and get the best bang for your buck.…

Activities You Can Only Do In South Africa!

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If you love adventure and dream of a romantic outing, South Africa is the perfect country for tourists with the mindset of an explorer. South Africa is not only huge, but teeming with culture and wildlife – ranging from dry deserts to high mountains to modern cities and friendly people.

There are plenty of things that you can do in the country, but some activities are especially in abundance in Africa! Without further ado, here is our top list of activities that you should absolutely do if you’re heading down to South Africa:

Plan to join a Safari

There’s nothing quite as amazing as sitting in an open Land Rover and seeing exotic animals in their natural settings.

Seeing zebras, elephants, and most importantly, lions is an experience that simply can’t be repeated anywhere else in the world.

One of the most amazing places in South Africa is Phinda which is a wilderness area encompassing 56,000 acres of land. This would make a great birthday present, too!

Go bungee jumping

If you’re looking for that perfect adrenaline rush, there’s nothing quite as amazing as falling 288 feet with the world’s tallest rope swing in Durban’s soccer stadium.

If you’re ready to up your standards, try leaping from the Bloukrans Bridge with a bungee cord as you’ll experience falling 709 feet.

Are you looking to cure your fear of heights? If so, you can rest assured that South Africa is the place to do it!

Go swimming with the sharks

Sharks have a notorious reputation for being bloodthirsty ravenous undersea creatures, and it’s reasonable to assume that very few want to get up close and personal with them. However if you’re looking for a real adventure, you can meet and swim with great whites that can grow up to 7 m in length.

Cage diving off the coast of Cape Town is a safe way to see how sharks live. Of course, if you’re one of the brave ones, you can skip the cage and go diving with bull and tiger sharks in South Africa.

Hang out with the locals

South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and the city known as Johannesburg is a fantastic melting pot of different nationalities, just like Paris. You can meet with local residents and admire all of the unique culture that the location has to offer. Make new friends in St. Lucia — a coastal town — and discover what life is like elsewhere in the world.

Climb the peaks of Table Mountain

Cape Town’s most important landmark happens to be Table Mountain, which is a huge block of sandstone with a fairly smooth surface rising 3500 feet into the sky. Over 350 hiking paths can lead to the summit, but if you prefer to take the easy way out, you can go by cable car. Hiking can be difficult as weather is constantly changing, and unless you have clear skies, clouds will often cover the summit of the mountain.

As you can see, there are numerous activities you can enjoy in South Africa. Bring out your adventurous side by swimming with sharks, meeting the locals, going bungee jumping, and finish your tour of South Africa by climbing Table Mountain!…

Why You Should Rent A Ferrari For Your Birthday

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Are you currently planning out your birthday? If you want the day to be special, you should try to treat yourself to something amazing. You may want to rent a Ferrari. Ferraris are easy on the eyes, and they are a joy to drive.

This is why you should think about renting a Ferrari on your birthday.

You’ll Be Able To Get The Full Ferrari Experience

If you do decide to rent a Ferrari, you won’t be subject to any limitations. You can take the car out on the road and drive it to your heart’s content. In fact, you can specifically drive to locations that will allow you to use the car’s horsepower.

A Ferrari can reach incredible speeds. If you rent one, you won’t be limited to driving it around the neighborhood. You’ll be able to take it out on the highway so that you can see what the car is really capable of.

You’ll Have The Chance To Impress A Lot Of People

Your birthday is all about you. You deserve to feel like a king — or a queen. If you wind up renting a Ferrari for yourself, you’ll be able to impress everyone that sees you.

People will be blown away when they see you driving around in your car, especially if you celebrate in Paris.

Cars like Ferraris tend to attract a lot of positive attention. A Ferrari isn’t something that can easily be ignored. If you want positive attention on your birthday, you should treat yourself to a Ferrari.

Renting A Ferrari Isn’t Very Expensive

You probably don’t want to spend too much money on your birthday gift. If you want to have a fun day, but are working on a tight budget, a Ferrari rental should be perfect for you.

Renting a vehicle like a Ferrari shouldn’t cost you much at all, especially if you’re only going to be renting the car for a day or two.

You should be able to find plenty of low-cost rental options. Look into renting a Ferrari and see what it would cost you.

It’s Perfect For A Night Out

If you want to hit the town on your birthday, you may as well have a great car to go out in. A Ferrari can add a lot to your celebration in Belgium. It’ll be easier for you to maintain your excitement levels if you stay behind the wheels of a Ferrari.

Still, you need to be careful with the car you rent. If you plan on drinking on your birthday, you will want to have a designated driver that is authorized to drive the Ferrari with you. Plan ahead, and everything should go smoothly.

Don’t treat yourself to a birthday gift that you’re never going to use. If you’re giving yourself a gift, you should try to make it something that is truly special. If you rent a Ferrari, you’ll wind up having an amazing birthday. A car like this will allow you to have a birthday you’ll never forget.…

Some Cool Things To Do In Belgium

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Belgium is a relatively small country. However, this doesn’t make it less interesting. Besides, it is just a few hours away by train from Paris, France. If you plan a trip to Paris, you may want to schedule a visit to Brussels, Gent or Bruges, as these cities have a lot to offer.

One of the coolest things to do in Belgium is to taste their beers. There are literally thousands of beer brands, some of them being famous all over the world. Even monks produce artisanal beers here. You can easily spend one or two weeks tasting them.

Although Belgium isn’t famous for its traditional foods, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of tasting their mussels. Brussels is full of restaurants and bars offering the traditional mussels and fries.

The mussels come in a huge bucket, and most tourists are willing to try them. Sometimes, you can step into a restaurant and see those buckets on almost all tables.

Apart from drinking and eating, you can also enjoy the stunning architecture of buildings in the old towns of Belgium.

Facades covered in gold and vividly colored paintings, intricate designs and impressive statues are scattered all over the place.

Brussels is famous for its Grand Place, for the Manneken Pis, the statue of a little naked boy, and for the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula among many other such landmarks. Roaming around on the streets is a very pleasurable activity, as well as a great opportunity to take some cool photos.

The Atomium and the Mini Europe park are among the coolest things to visit in Brussels. They are very close to each other. You can easily get there by metro, as they are only a short ride away from the city center.

Once you get here, you should be prepared to spend about half day in the park, taking photos of all those tiny buildings, accurate replicas of the most famous monuments and places in Europe. Although it may look like an activity for children, you can rest assured you’re going to have a lot of fun.

Moreover, a visit inside the Atomium will enable you to admire the panorama of Brussels. There are bars and restaurants on site, so you’ll be able to taste those mussels and chips again, should you miss them.

Gent and Bruges are different than Brussels in terms of architectural style, but they are definitely worth a visit, especially if you like the medieval style. You can easily reach these towns by public transport. However, if you want the freedom of doing what you want, when you want it, you should probably rent a car.

Adventure lovers can go for a kayaking session in the Ardennes. Street art lovers should visit the Doomed City of Doel, a ghost village nearby Antwerp, where most walls are covered in stunning street art.

As you can see, Belgium is far from being a boring place. Its charming towns and villages, and its craft beers and local foods make it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe.…

How To Find A Reliable Luxury Car Rental Agency In Paris

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Have you ever considered what it would like to be able to take a vacation in France and enjoy a luxury car rental in Paris? Many people may believe that public transportation is the best bet, yet a car rental is actually the best option. Read on for more information about luxury car rentals and why you should drive a luxury vehicle through Paris.

The first step to finding an incredible car rental is to begin by doing research for various companies. Considering you are going to be in a foreign country, it just makes sense to begin this process as early as possible. You will want to look at local companies in Paris that specialize in luxury rentals.  While you are researching be sure to note aspects of price, location, and customer service.

And while it is likely, find out f the luxury car company has English speaking customer service representatives available to help while you are checking in. Most of the listings that you come across in Google are going to have a star-rating next to the business name.

This is a great way to be able to scan through the listings quickly, especialy if you want to rent a Mercedes in Miami. To get the best in service, only focus in on luxury car rental agencies that offer a four-star rating.

You are also going to want to look at the type of luxury cars the company has available. Some car rental agencies claim to specialize in luxury cars, yet only have one or two on hand at any given time. This can create problems and disappointment if you are looking for a specific car while on vacation.

Maybe you want the speed of a Lamborghini or the sophistication of a Rolls Royce. Many luxury car rental agencies in Paris have websites that allow you to see all of their individual cars. This is the perfect way to avoid any disappointment.

Finally, you will want to make a reservation as early as possible. Paris is one of the most popular destinations in all the world. It goes without saying that everyone is looking to make their time in the city as special as possible and that involves a luxury car rental in Paris for many individuals and couples alike.

If you take the time to reserve a specific car early you are not only guaranteeing your special ride, you more than likely going to get it at a much lower cost. In fact, once you know the dates you are going to be traveling to Paris, it is best to get online and start making plans and check Pinterest boards, you will be glad you did.

Now you have a much better idea of what you are going to need to do if you want to find the best luxury car rental while you are vacationing in Paris. Simply keep in mind that you will need to check the types of cars, make your reservations as early as possible, and do some basic research on the car rental companies that are located in the area.…

Tips on Saving Money with Car Rentals

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There is not a single individual on this plant who would not like to save money while traveling. There are many travelers who have their focus on saving money by way of affordable hotel deals and airfares. However, the same attention also needs to be paid to the costs of car rental. It would be surprising to know that car rental costs can be extremely high. Travelers are of the view that the rates of car rentals are the same everywhere and there is no use planning ahead of time. However, this is not the reality. It is important for you to rent a car during your travel but then there are several ways that you can use in order to cut down the costs of car rentals. Some of the best ways are as follows:

Go for a Loyalty Program

There are many travelers who do not like joining extra programs but a loyalty program is considered one of the best ways of cutting the costs of car rental.

Use Discount Coupons

Prior to booking, it is always advisable to look out for deals and coupons in relation to car rentals. One of the best things about making use of coupons is that you get rewarded for both over and beyond discounts that you get as a frequent traveler.You can follow